Report from the Young European Strings Summer Camp

Student Daimee Ng reflects on this year’s summer camp:

”I had a really good time this year at the Young European Strings summer camp! We spent five days together learning new pieces and recapping old ones. We started with Mozart Divertimento no. 3, reading through the piece first and then singing, plucking and playing. As there were quite a number of newcomers this year, it was especially hard for them at first, but they worked hard at it.

After a few days, when we knew the Mozart quite well, we took on the challenge of learning it by heart, section by section, searching for similar parts of the music to help us know the piece better, and by the end of the week we knew it well!

We also played the Capriol Suite for string orchestra by Warlock and though there were some difficult parts, we made it through and even managed to learn some movements off by heart!

Lullaby by Gershwin was another piece we played. Learning how to play harmonics would have been the hardest part for most newcomers, as well as the syncopation in the piece, but with practice, we soon could play it very well.

The last piece we played was a new piece to all of us: César Franck’s sonata in A major, the fourth movement. This was the most challenging piece, especially for the 1st violins, and there were certain times where nothing would fit together as planned, but we certainly tried our hardest!!

We all got along very well, even all the young newcomers, and we had no problems with them at all! We did our best to make sure they were comfortable and helped them out as much as we could.

On days when we played well, we would take a trip to a Deli down the road, Bijou, where we could all relax and enjoy a sweet treat or a savoury snack.
To me, those were some of the best moments of the camp!

On the last day, we finished a little earlier, to prepare for a post-camp concert for our families and friends. We played the best we could, and we certainly had a good time!

The parents who looked after us everyday did a great job in ensuring we were safe, and of course, so did Maria. She certainly did an amazing job, not just in teaching, but making all the arrangements, trips to the Deli, when and what would happen, and so on.

I certainly enjoyed myself as an assistant, and I look forward to hopefully do it again next time!”

By Daimee Ng.