Musica Fusion’s “Orchestra for Schools” Programme

In November, Musica Fusion Junior Orchestra invited all the local schools from North Cork and South Limerick to their “Orchestra for Schools” program. “Orchestra for School” is a peer-led program that Susie Butler from Musica Fusion is developing to take the mystery out of orchestras for children and open up a new generation of avid orchestra fans. It is also an opportunity to encourage young people to join orchestras.

During the programme, Musica Fusion Junior Orchestra played pieces for the attending school children, taught them all about conducting – the audience even conducted the orchestra themselves – broke down the orchestral pieces into sections so they could more fully see what each section does and they explained dynamics and other musical terms with huge success.

There were two concerts during the morning and they were attended by six local schools with over 300 children in total and the children from the Musica Fusion played their hearts out! They were very proud, especially when their own schools came to see them. Musica Fusion plans to continue this project with at least two concerts a year.