East Meets West Youth Orchestra

The East Meets West Youth Orchestra is a collaboration of Kilbride and Lakeside Youth Music from West Wicklow and the Headford Youth Orchestra from County Galway and are previous IAYO Youth Orchestra Achievement Award winners.

While they may have been a little quieter recently, we are delighted to say that the East Meets West Youth Orchestra is going strong and meeting up on an annual basis since 2011.

Previously, the orchestra performed in Dublin, Blessington and Glasgow in 2016 and in Gort, County Galway in 2017. This year it was Kilbride & Lakeside Youth Music’s privilege once again to host the orchestra. On Sunday, 11 November in the Church of Our Lady Blessington, conducted by Sorcha Walsh from Headford, County Galway, and Colm O’Hara from Manor Kilbride, County Wicklow the East Meets West Orchestra played a programme of light classical and fun music including ‘Jamaican Rhumba’, ‘La Paloma’, ‘Mise Eire’ theme and ‘The Animals Went in Two by Two’. The event was grant-aided by County Wicklow Arts Organisations Award Scheme.

Having spent some weeks rehearsing at home with Headford Music Works, County Galway, 35 young musicians travelled east in the early morning to join 20 Kilbride and Lakeside Youth Music performers for a joint rehearsal in Manor Kilbride followed by a lively concert in Blessington. The concert was the grand finale of a local festival entitled ‘The Vales around Cloughlea’ which celebrated the rich musical and cultural heritage of the Manor Kilbride area of County Wicklow. The young musicians from east and west enjoyed meeting up once again to exchange notes and have fun. Kevin O’Hara, in reminiscence of his own youth orchestra days, guested on French Horn with Mozart’s ‘Rondo’ from Concerto no 4. The orchestra received warm applause and appreciation from the Blessington audience. A planned post-concert trip to the Blessington Lakes was cancelled due to bad weather, but all involved intend to make up for this at the next opportunity.

For more information about either Kilbride & Lakeside Youth Music or Headford Youth Orchestra please visit:
www.manorkilbridemusic.com or www.facebook.com/headfordmusicworks/