Cork Youth Orchestra Launch #trees4change

Cork Youth Orchestra have launched #trees4change in Ireland, a new positive action, climate change project, to renew our environment in Tramore Valley Walk.

The goal of the #trees4change campaign was to reduce the carbon footprint of Cork Youth Orchestra by planting up to 1,000 native Irish trees in Tramore Valley Walk by the end of November this year, with the support of the families & friends of Cork Youth Orchestra.

As an organization, CYO are nurturing young musicians from the generation that will be tasked with dealing with the damaging consequences of climate change and they wish to implement a new positive environment initiative.

Commenting on the #trees4change campaign, Tomás McCarthy, conductor of CYO said:

“Since 1958 the CYO has generated paper, equivalent to approximately 100 trees and many of our instruments have been crafted from trees. We aim to replace these 100 with 1,000 trees initially. As a result, we are launching this project, #trees4change in Ireland, in an attempt to reinstate what we are taking out of the environment. We feel that the most beneficial and far-reaching environmental action we can take is by planting native Irish trees (oak, willow, rowan, hazel, and birch), We have challenged our members and families to help us with this tree planting initiative, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of Cork Youth Orchestra and especially raising awareness among members. This is a positive action, climate change project.”

Native Irish trees play an overwhelmingly positive role in carbon sequestration, biodiversity, water filtration, flood control, soil fertility security, recreation and wellbeing. The planting of 6 trees, could help neutralize the amount of carbon one person would generate in a lifetime.

CYO are accepting donations for the scheme and you can find out more from their website,