Capturing Magic: A Tool for Evaluating Outcomes in Youth Arts Projects

The National Youth Council of Ireland have published ‘Capturing Magic: A Tool for Evaluating Outcomes in Youth Arts Projects’.
‘Capturing Magic’ is a set of scales specially designed to provide a series of observable behaviours in a group of young people taking part in an arts project/ensemble.

These behaviours in turn reflect underlying aspects of a young person’s attitudes, confidence and commitment to the goals and possibilities of the projects, the artform and the creative process they experience. By selecting some of these scales you would identify what differences your project might be able to make for the young people. These scales can also be used simply to understand how a young participant may be struggling or thriving during group activities/orchestra/ensemble practice.
There are five sets of scales:

  • Creative ability
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Social confidence and team working
  • Inclusion and participation in community life
  • Life  skills

‘Capturing Magic’ is laid out in an easy-to-follow format and is free to download from