European Forum on Music Education

European Forum on Music Education

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The conference, taking place on 10 – 11 February 2016 in the Dutch city of Leiden, sets out to broaden the scope of the term music education and to explore what various stakeholders from areas such as the live music sector, new media or the recorded music industry contribute to it. If you have not done so, register by clicking here.

Music education is part of marketing strategies for the live music sector, a driver for social media or the games industry, an incentive for broadcasters and music editors, a political responsibility and sometimes simply refers to the teaching of instruments. When considering music education as the key to musically thriving societies, it becomes ever more obvious why various new collaboration models in the culture sector are becoming increasingly popular.

The European Forum on Music Education brings together music professionals from a variety of areas to discuss and exchange on their perspectives and to start new co-operations. The speakers, panellists and presenters invited to contribute to the event reflect the broad notion of the term music education. These include representatives of concert venues, the media, broadcasters, audience engagement professionals as well as leading researchers in the field.

The forum will be accompanied by a diverse musical programme showcasing a mix between local talent and some of the most promising young Dutch artists. The European Forum on Music Education is organised in close co-operation with three major European education networks: the European Association of Conservatoires, the European Music School Union and the European Association for Music in Schools who have worked closely together with the EMC on the programme.