European Forum on Music, 7 – 10 June, Oslo

Registration is open for those who wish to attend the 2018 edition of the European Music Council’s European Forum on Music dedicated to Looking Back – Looking Forward, the Future of Europe’s Musical Roots, which will take place from Thursday, 7 June until Sunday, 10 June in Oslo, Norway. The European Music Council Annual Meeting will close the Forum on Sunday 10 June 2018. The European Forum on Music will be hosted by the Norwegian Music Council and is part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

The European Music Council believe that cultural heritage, including musical heritage, is not only a legacy from the past. It can also help to shape the way forward and influence future developments. With this edition of the European Forum on Music, they would like to look at the importance of safeguarding musical heritage and the value of musical heritage for our future European society.

How can the potential of musical heritage be better supported? What is needed today to make sure that we can still enjoy Europe’s musical roots in the future? In a current crucial time for European cultural policy, with a new European Agenda for Culture and proposals for the future of EU funding programmes after 2020 coming out soon, the European Music Council believe it is also important to reach out to the entire music sector and identify its collective needs and set out priorities for the future. These issues have been directly addressed by the European Agenda for Music launched on 21 March in Brussels by the European Music Council. The Agenda details which directions to pursue in order to ensure a music sector that remains strong, fair, innovative and diverse in a rapidly changing world. The European Forum on Music will offer the opportunity to discuss further action and to give examples on how to use this policy document on a national, European or international level.

For further information and to register your attendance, see the European Forum on Music website.