Applications open for The Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival 2019, Austria

The SCL Youth Music Festival gathers young talents from all over the world in Vienna, to perform together on some of the world´s most famous stages. Taking place every July in Vienna’s two main classical concert venues, the Golden Hall of the Musikverein and the Wiener Konzerthaus, the festival offers a truly international environment where a thousand young musicians participate. Whether you are a choir, a band, an orchestra or a special performance group, you can enjoy intercultural exchanges and build bridges that span continents.

Being one of the few festivals designed for choirs, bands and orchestras at the same time, the SCL Youth Music Festival offers a variety of options: Ensembles may participate either in the Competition or in the non-competitive Celebration. In addition to the competition or celebration they offer workshops within the SCL Academy. Top professionals form the international juries in the Competition and teach our Academy program at the Vienna University of Music.

Enjoy interactive workshops and educational lectures, additional concerts with local audiences, and pre-and post-concert tours in Europe.

Application to the SCL festival is open to young musicians of all nations below the age of 26. A maximum of 10% of the participants may be between 26 and 30 years of age. Conductors and piano players accompanying the choirs are not subject to the age limit.

The registration fee per group and category is € 250.-. This amount is due on registration and is non-refundable.

The participating group will subsequently be presented with a package fee, which includes all services as shown below. Please note that due to organizational reasons the participants are required to cooperate with the authorised festival travel partner. The package fee includes the following services:

  • Travel, board and lodging for the 5 days of the festival
  • Organization costs for the following festival services, that are not subsidized by public or private sponsors:
  • Opening ceremony in St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Two workshops at the University of Music and one additional lecture
  • Two additional concerts in and around Vienna
  • Competition only: one performance infront of the jury in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein or in the Great Hall of the Konzerthaus and possibly (the best groups only as selected by the jury)
  • A performance during the Gala Winners’ concert in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein or in the Great Hall of the Konzerthaus
  • Celebration only: one performance in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein or in the Great Hall of the Konzerthaus
  • Closing ceremony in the Town Hall by invitation of the Lord Mayor of Vienna
  • Diplomas for every participant for the workshops attended at the University of Music
  • Online presentation of the biography of the group and the exact Festival program
  • Printed Festival program for every participant and conductor
  • Participation certificates for every group and every participant

For more information please visit:

Dates: 13th SCL Festival: 5-10 July, 2019.