Funding: Arts Council Young Ensembles Scheme

Applications for the Arts Council Young Ensembles Scheme are open online on the Arts Council website.

The primary purpose of the Young Ensembles Scheme is to support groups of young people between the ages of ten and twenty-four to create or critically engage with ambitious and original work together in any artform (e.g. circus, street art, spectacle, dance, digital media, film, music, theatre, literature, visual arts, architecture or any combination of the above). Groups/ensembles must be made up of three or more members.

This scheme is suitable for youth orchestras and awards have been previously made to youth orchestras and young chamber ensembles including the Incantato, Rebelsa and Cairde Quartets, Esker Festival Orchestra, the East Meets West Orchestra and Julianstown Youth Orchestra.

The Young Ensembles Scheme has two strands. You should choose the strand that is most suitable for your ensemble and for your proposal. You may only apply to one strand. The maximum award under strand 1 is €10,000 and the maximum under strand 2 is €25,000.

Strand 1
This strand is for ensembles that wish to undertake a new project or initiative that will develop the practice and experience of the young people involved. You may apply for up to €10,000. Applicants may be new or established ensembles and must demonstrate their potential for developing and delivering a high quality artistic project.

Strand 2
This is for ensembles that wish to undertake a programme of work, or a large-scale project, that develops the work of the ensemble. This strand is for proposals that will cost more than €10,000 and no more than €25,000. Applicants must be established ensembles with a track record of delivering high quality artistic projects or programmes. For this strand, applicants must make clear why a larger budget than is available under Strand 1 is required.

You can watch a video where previous recipients share tips about making an application to the scheme.

Before you will be able to make an online application you must register with the site. For this scheme, you must be registered as an organisation or group. It may take up to five working days for your registration to be confirmed so it is very important that you register as early as possible.

If you are interested in applying, please download and read the guidelines which can be found at IAYO staff will be on hand to help you with your application. You can contact us on 021 4215185 or at however, please do not contact us the day before!

Closing date for applications is 5.30pm, Thursday 13 February 2020.