Funding: Arts Council Music Project Award

Applications are now open for the Arts Council Music Project Award.

The award supports specific projects in the field of Music in the 14-month period commencing on or after 1 November 2020.

The Music Project Award is open to individuals and organisations working in music.

The purpose of the award is to enable professional artists to bring innovative, ambitious and high-quality music projects to audiences. There are three strands to the award:

  • Strand 1: Projects devised for live-attendance performance(s), possibly extending public reach through broadcast, online or other audience channels –e.g. a public concert in a venue that might or might not also be recorded for broadcast and/or for dissemination on a website(s), social media or other platform(s);
  • Strand 2: Projects devised exclusively for public dissemination via broadcast, online or other channels – i.e. where a musical output is produced for audiences, but where a concert for a live audience is not involved;
  • Strand 3: Audio recording projects devised in association with record companies for dissemination through digital platforms and/or through physical copies.

Closing date for applications is 5.30pm, Thursday 10 September 2020.

Note: You must be registered with the online services website to make an application. If you are not already registered, we recommend you register for online services as far in advance of the deadline as possible, as it may take five days for your online services registration to be processed.

The maximum amount awarded will be €40,000.

For further information and application details, please see