Funding: Arts Council Music Commissions Award

Applications are open for the Arts Council Music Commissions Award which supports fees paid to artists for commissions in the field of music.

The primary purpose of this award is to facilitate creative partnerships between a range of commissioners and artists. The process must lead to some form of outcome or conclusion. This might be a public performance, a process of engagement with a community of place or interest or some other form of dissemination or presentation of the commissioned work in Ireland or abroad.

In the context of the Music Commissions Award, the definition of a ‘commission’ is where one person or entity (the commissioner) supports and pays another (an artist or group of artists) to create or deliver an artistic work or project that takes place within a set of parameters agreed to by both partners.

Closing date for applications is 5.30pm, Thursday, 30 April 2020.

Maximum award: €12,000.

Before you will be able to make an online application the commissioner and the artist/s to be commissioned will have to separately register with the online services site. It may take up to five working days for your registrations to be confirmed so it is very important that you register as early as possible.

For further information and application details, please see or you can email