Arts Council Young People, Children, and Education Bursary Award

The Young People, Children, and Education Bursary Award supports individual professional artists working with, and producing work for, children and young people across a range of artforms. The Arts Council support the professional development of artists working with, or producing work for, children and young people across a range of artforms. The award provides artists with the time and resources to think, research, reflect on and develop their artistic practice.

Potential proposals could:

  • Enable an artist to explore, reflect on and articulate the impact children and/or young people have on her/his creative process and the artistic work produced
  • Enable an artist to interrogate and develop her/his own practice in partnership with potential young audiences or participants, other artists, educators (in and/or out of school) and/or parents
  • Provide an opportunity for an artist to work with a highly qualified and experienced mentor
  • Enable a professional artist with significant experience in her/his artform but with limited experience in developing work with or for young audiences/participants to develop their capacity in this area
  • Enable an artist to develop their practice for/with children in relation to a particular age or stage of childhood development, or in a particular context or setting
  • Enable a young artist (aged 18–24) who has demonstrated artistic leadership and innovation in her/his artistic endeavours as a young person to develop their capacity to engage other young participants or audiences in the arts.

The award is open to artists working in all genres and at all stages in their professional careers. To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be resident in the Republic of Ireland. There are certain exceptions where the Arts Council may deem eligible applications made by those based outside the Republic of Ireland. However, before admitting as eligible any such application, the applicant would need to explicitly outline within the application how the outcomes of any such proposal would benefit the arts in the Republic of Ireland, and the Arts Council must be satisfied with same.
  • Be professional practising artists. Although they might not earn income continuously or exclusively from their arts practice, applicants must identify themselves, and be recognised by their peers, as professional practising artists.
  • The Arts Council is committed to equity and inclusion, and welcomes applications from individuals from all cultural backgrounds and from people with disabilities.

Closing date: 17:30, Thursday 13 June 2019

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