ITM Alexander Technique Workshop

A ‘long-weekend’ residential Alexander Technique workshop (4.5 days) taught by Don Weed, Head of Training of the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM), will take place in University College Cork from 15th-19th June.

During the workshop, over twenty-five hours of classes will be offered consisting of large groups with Don, alternated with smaller groups with teachers trained by Don.

FM Alexander (1869-1955) discovered a powerful approach to learning how to make positive changes in all areas of life. The ITM approach to teaching this work can help you learn to live with increasing flexibility, freedom and ease.

This work is well-known world-wide by many performers – however, it is suitable for anyone. All you need is a mind and a body!! Curiousity and an appreciation of fun also helps (and if you feel you are lacking in either – this might be just what you need).

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