Midlands Youth Orchestra Summer Course 2010

The morning bells rang out as members of the Midlands’ Youth Orchestra assembled for their annual summer course. This year it was held in Rochfortbridge. Many young players from all parts of the Midlands rehearsed and performed together. Beginning on the 19th August, the three day course took place from 10am until 5pm They mastered well known music such as that of ‘The Phantom of The Opera’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ as well Borodin’s ‘Polovtsian Dances’.

The Midlands Youth Orchestra provides a wonderful opportunity for young players to collectively improve and hone their musical skills. For example, the lead cellist was given the opportunity to arrange and conduct a number of traditional Irish tunes.

Players were delighted with the success of a newly formed player’s committee. It organised group activities and games after each day’s rehearsals. These events made sure that members enjoyed both the musical and the social aspects of the course.

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