ConCorda 2013 Review – Seamus Hickey

This year, I attended my first ConCorda course. From the very start of the course, we were all made to feel very welcome. The first day flew through our first quartet session, orchestra and of course, the name games where we got to know each other.

It was great to have the opportunity to work with the quartet in residence, the Acanthus Quartet from Holland. All of the tutors were very kind, helpful and open with us. I thought that the range of repertoire which we played was well balanced and varied across different musical styles and eras.

One of the activities that I enjoyed most of all was the talent show. The majority of the groups performing were hilarious while some of the others showed off the amazing talents of the performers.
I felt that we were very privileged to be able to perform the world premiere of Sam Perkin’s piece ‘Inspirit’ which was dedicated to the founders of ConCorda, Hugh and Tricia Maguire. Very few students of our age would get such a chance to do this. I found the piece was very moving and emotional, while at the same time being exciting and energetic.

Another activity that I enjoyed thoroughly was the musical theatre. I hadn’t been looking forward to it at the start of the course, but by the end I thought it was one of the best activities. It was great to be able to express words through my instrument, and also to see the finished product of the drama we were performing on a story about the violin.

Overall, the best thing about ConCorda was the friends that I made from all over Ireland. I loved every minute of the course and can’t wait to go again next year.

Séamus Hickey 2013