New Commission Performance by Athenry Music School

Athenry Music School have a rich history of commissioning new works by Irish composers for their youth ensembles.

Their latest commission, Elemental Dance by Ruth Smith (lyrics) and Daire Mac Mághnuis (intermezzi and orchestrations) was performed in January 2020 under the baton of Emmet O’Connor abd featured Athenry Youth Choir and Youth Orchestra.

This five song, song cycle for choir and orchestra was commissioned by Athenry Music School in October 2019. Initiated by conversations with the youth choir to explore and create around issues of climate concern and the environment, Ruth devised a structure of four songs representing the four elements of the planet.

“The fifth song represents our Ether, our Spirit and recognises that this spirit must be considered if we are to balance the other four elements”.

Through workshops, the choir composed musical motifs and fragments, which Ruth included in the songs. Programmatic orchestral intermezzi and accompaniment to the songs were composed by Daire Mac Mághnuis.

Elemental Dance
1. Earth
2. Fire
3. Water
4. Air
5. Ether