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How To Write A Winning Grant Application

Effective Grant Writing is simple, but never easy. The art of good grant writing is to keep it simple and coherent for the assessor. There is always the temptation when writing to show the grantee just how wonderful you are and why you are deserving of the funding, but that can often lead to an over written application.


8 Steps to Inclusive Youth work

The NQSF includes “ensuring and promoting equality and inclusiveness” as a Core Principle of Youth Work. The National Youth Strategy states that young people should be “included in society”, that “their equality and rights are upheld”, and “their diversity is celebrated”.


Interactive Teaching Method – The Alexander Technique

This informative and enjoyable workshop will introduce you to the ITM approach to The Alexander Technique and teach you tools that you can use to improve your mental and physical performance, whether in simple, everyday activities or in specialised activities such as music, dance and sport.


Workshop on Web Writing & SEO for Non-Profits

This workshop will give you really practical advice on how you and your team can write effectively for the web. We’ll also cover best practice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You’ll get a chance to do exercises and put what you’ve learned into practice right away, and will leave with a plan of action to take back to your organisation.


Regulation, Resources & Recognition

Irish charities have never before faced such challenges as they do now. Concerns over governance and transparency are having an effect on public support for the work that our sector does. And charity regulation is placing complex new responsibilities on our already full plates.