Category: International Festivals

European Orchestra Festival

The European Orchestra Festival 2018 will be hosted by Norwegian Youth Orchestra Association (UNOF) and Norwegian Symphony Orchestra Association (NASOL). The festival will be held in Bergen, Norway from May 10th to 13th. Over...

Lisbon Music Fest

The Lisbon Music Fest holds special concerts, multicultural experiences, fostering creativeness within young talented musicians, much beyond our imagination.

The 40th Bydogoszcz Musical Impressions in Poland 2017

Pałac Młodzieży in Bydgoszcz invites you to take part in the jubilee international festival – the XXXX Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions (International Meetings of Young Musicians) which is going be held from 29th June to 4th July 2017. The festival is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The World Orchestra Festival in Vienna

Under the motto “One Future”, the World Orchestra Festival aims to provide a platform for young as well as adult musicians to perform, to learn, to communicate, to establish and deepen friendships, regardless of the participants’ age, origin, religion and cultural backgrounds.