Development Plan

The Director of IAYO presented a development plan to the Annual General Meeting of the company in October 2010. This has subsequently been adopted by the board as the official plan of IAYO. A summary of the plan is below.

The full plan can be downoaded in pdf format here.


Encourage co-operation between all organisations and groups involved in the development of Youth Orchestras.

  • Encourage communication and collaboration between member organisations.

  • Encourage, assist and support member led initiatives that achieve aims of collaboration and development.

  • Bring related local, regional and national organisations and individuals into contact with IAYO and IAYO members. Encourage and actively engage in collaborations with these organisations. Provide opportunities for members to meet and network with these organisations.

  • Act as an advocate at a national level for the development of youth orchestras, youth ensembles, youth music and youth arts, engaging with other organisations to collectively promote our shared agendas.

Create a network for advice and information in relation to Youth Orchestras.

  • Provide members with news and information in a structured and accessible manner.

  • Allow members access to appropriate advice by way of information sheets, books and periodicals, internet sites, related organisations, advice from the office and advice from other knowledgeable parties.

  • Actively engage with members to establish what issues they face or might face and attempt to find solutions with an appropriate amount of input from IAYO.

Foster excellence in the Youth Orchestra movement by facilitating training courses for Conductors, Teachers, and Students, access to libraries of music and sharing of unusual instruments, and by offering performance opportunities.

  • Continue to manage and further develop the instrument bank and the music library.

  • Engage in an ongoing training programme for conductors and facilitators.

  • Engage in training provision in relation to instrumental teaching in collaboration with other organisations.

  • Access training for organisers through other organisations and provide training directly where needs are youth-orchestra specific.

Training for Students

  • Provide training for young players through courses and workshops.

    • Encourage the development of young players in orchestras through the provision of one-session and one-day workshops with conductors, performing artists and instrumental specialists.

    • Encourage chamber music playing as a means of developing young players in orchestras.

    • Promote and support the provision of training opportunities for young players by other organisations such as Dublin Youth Orchestras, National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, Ulster Youth Orchestra, Summer Music in Galway, Ceol na Mara, OURchestra and others.

    • Encourage professional and amateur orchestras and ensembles to engage with youth orchestras and to provide opportunities for young players to develop their skills.

  • Maintain IAYO’s support for and involvement with ConCorda and the Irish Youth Wind Ensemble.

    • Allow these organisations to derive their legal status from IAYO while continuing their own lineage of artistic direction and on-course management.

    • Provide administrative support and assistance with PR.

    • Assist these courses in generating funding and sponsorship.

Performance Opportunities

  • Encourage member led initiatives in collaborative performances and small festivals

  • Encourage concert going among young musicians and assist member orchestras in their audience development.

  • Develop the Festival of Youth Orchestras.

Act as a forum with an All Ireland and International dimension for all those involved in Youth Orchestras.

  • Create opportunities for members to voice their opinions and to influence the policy of IAYO in forwarding their own agendas at a national level.

  • Take part in the activities of the European Orchestra Federation to increase international contact and opportunities for Irish youth orchestras and young instrumentalists.

Present excellence in the Youth Orchestra movement to a wider public through Youth Orchestra Festivals.

  • Develop the Festival of Youth Orchestras within its present context at the National Concert Hall.

Programme Summary

The following is a summary of the activities of IAYO. These activities have been built over time in response to the consensus of the National Executive Committee and subsequently the Board of IAYO in response to the expressed needs of member organisations.


  • Instrument Bank

  • Music Library

  • Youth Orchestra Achievement Awards

  • News Service

  • Information Resources

  • Information & Advice

  • Network Development

  • Advocacy

  • Public Liability Insurance Scheme

  • Garda Vetting

Artistic Programming

  • Festival of Youth Orchestras

  • ConCorda Chamber Music Course

  • Irish Youth Wind Ensemble

Workshops and Courses for Young Instrumentalists

  • National Chamber Music Workshop

  • Orchestra and Player Workshops


  • Artistic Workshops for directors

  • Annual Summer Conducting Course (3-5 days)

  • Organisational Workshops provided by IAYO and through third parties.

Potential Programmes

  • Touch Bass Course with NYOI

  • Scholarships to attend conducting courses abroad

  • Development Grants for Collaborative Programmes